Hakata ramen isn’t just a bowl of noodles – it’s a steaming slice of Kyushu’s history. This iconic dish has a rich story that stretches back to post-war Japan. Whether you’re a ramen fanatic, a culture lover, or just looking for an incredible meal, Hakata ramen will take you on a delicious journey.

A Bite of History

  • Kurume City: Where it all Began The story starts in 1937 in Kurume City, where pork bone broth and inspiration from other parts of Asia combined to create the first “tonkotsu ramen”.
  • Hakata: Ramen Finds a Home After World War II, ramen stalls became havens in Hakata, serving up tasty, affordable meals that defined the city’s soul.
  • The Birth of an Icon In the 1960s, the legendary Nagahama style arrived–thin noodles, a rich, cloudy broth, and all the pickled ginger you can handle!

The Evolution of Delicious

Hakata ramen is about way more than tradition. Chefs are constantly pushing boundaries:

  • Broth Choices: Rich tonkotsu is the OG, but lighter, even fish-based broths are making waves.
  • Noodles Your Way Thin or thick, straight or curly – every shop has its own delicious style.
  • Top It Off: There are more topping combinations than you could try in a month!

From Fukuoka to the World

Hakata ramen’s delicious legacy has spread across Japan and beyond, with chefs everywh