Step back in time and immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of Yanagawa, a historic Japanese water town. Embark on a traditional “donko-bune” river cruise and discover the beauty of this medieval settlement, the hometown of celebrated poet Hakushu Kitahara.

Experience the Charm

  • Scenic Serenity: Drift along willow-lined canals, admiring seasonal blooms like cherry blossoms in spring and vibrant irises in summer. In winter, cozy up in a “kotatsu-bune” (heated boat) and soak up the snowy landscapes.
  • Cultural Immersion: Be serenaded by the boatman’s traditional folk songs and connect with Hakushu Kitahara’s legacy through his poetry and statues scattered around the town.
  • Foodie Delights: For a unique experience, indulge in the local steamed eel specialty while cruising the outer canals.

Discover Your Perfect Cruise

The classic one-hour river cruise takes you through the heart of Yanagawa, but there are also options to explore the outer canals and even savor local delicacies on board. Choose the adventure that best suits your interests.

Important Information

Address35 Okibata-cho, Yanagawa, Fukuoka (Yanagawa City Tourist Association)
Operating HoursAround 9:00 AM – Evening (varies by company)
ClosedNo regular holidays
PriceStarting from 1,500 yen (contact companies for details)
AccessShort walk from Nishitetsu Yanagawa Station, or 15 mins from Miyama Yanagawa IC

Tips for an Unforgettable Journey

  • Book Ahead: Especially in peak seasons, consider making reservations to secure your spot.
  • Explore Beyond the Canals: Discover Yanagawa’s rich history and culture by visiting the Yanagawa Castle ruins and exploring the town on foot.

Ready for a Japanese River Adventure?

If you’re a young traveler seeking a unique blend of nature, culture, and a touch of foodie delight in Kyushu, the Yanagawa River Cruise awaits you. Let the gentle waters and char